and Crazy Crayons 
work together,

but neither one could exist
without kids that care about the Earth.

The National
Crayon Recycle Program

The National Crayon Recycle Program takes unwanted, rejected, broken crayons to a better place, where they will be recycled into new crayons!
With that being said, please first look in your area for organizations that need crayons such as:
  • Inner City Art Programs
  • Hospitals
  • Orphanages
  • Battered Women Shelters
  • Home-less Shelters
  • Low Income Day Cares

You’ve Made a Difference

This “recycling” education, community service has made it possible to stop more than 120,000 pounds of unwanted crayons from going into landfills with the help from schools, organization educators and kids across this country. Thank you for your efforts to help the Earth.

How You Can Recycle Your Unwanted Crayons

Simple Crayon Prep

You don’t have to do anything to the crayons you’re donating!

Just collect (any amount), box, and ship them as they are.  If you would like to assist further, we would appreciate the crayons being sorted by color group.


It’s hard to sort the black, purple and blue crayons without wrappers. But we will accept all crayons for recycling, with or without wrappers. Thank you!

If the kids want to sort the crayon donations by colors before shipping, it can be a great interactive learning experience for them and highly appreciate by us. 


The National Crayon Recycle Program is currently accepting crayons for recycling @

19315 W 84th Place
Arvada, CO  80007


When you are ready to ship your crayons, please consider using these shipping tips to keep your cost down:

  • Please use sturdy boxes that closely fit the amount of the contents (as to avoid crushing or breakage of box).
  • USPS offers Priority Flat Rate boxes for a standard fee regardless of weight.
  • Crayons don’t need to be in plastic bags inside the box.  

Please recycle your plastic bags and packing peanuts, we don’t need them.


We really appreciate your help covering the shipping expenses for your unwanted crayons. The CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM could not exist without this added effort on your part. The National CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM does not receive any state, federal or private financial aid and exists solely because of the Earth caring people like you!

We have suggestions to help with the cost of shipping: The shipping cost issues should be a good solution solving project for the kids. Raising the money for shipping is included in the educational value of this program. Get them involved, after all, it’s their unwanted crayons that need to be recycled.

Often your local county government such as, Solid Waste Management or Environmental Services Department have grant money or funding to help with recycling, just ask.

Or you can ask around, often times other parents will have shipping connections.

Or consider selling the Crazy Crayons in your “School Store” or at a school event. This is a great way to teach the kids to “Close the Loop” (we will waive the $100 minimum for schools, so they can purchase any amount and receive the wholesale prices).

As adults, we are responsible to pay for curbside service to get rid of our recyclables that we generate and this Crayon Recycle Program will teach the kids to be accountable for their waste of unwanted crayons.

The Purchase of Crazy Crayons supports Crayon Recycling and Recycling Education. Creating an Earth conscious impact through the art of coloring, recycling, and sustainable living.

How to Start Your Own Recycle Program


START IT. Provide a drop-off bin (a box works fine), put it in an easy to see location, and let everyone know it’s there. The kids can decorate the bin, place the bin on a scale, set a goal and graph their progress (great visuals).

Crayon Recycle Program

The kids should think about where they see crayons going in the trash in their community such as: Restaurants, clinic waiting rooms, day cares, etc.

The CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM is all about “Recycling” education.

Click here to receive a Free coloring page of EARTHLING!


SHARE IT. Let your neighbors, schools, community center & local media know about this recycle program that “makes soooo much sense”.

The kids may get some media recognition for the great efforts they are making to help the Earth!


SHIP IT. Use sturdy boxes that closely fit the amount of the contents (as to avoid crushing or breakage of box). Crayons don’t need to be in plastic bags inside the box.

Please leave the wrappers on the crayons if they have them. It is very difficult to tell the black, purple and blue crayons apart without wrappers. 

Mail your crayon donations to:

19315 W 84th Place
Arvada, CO  80007

From all of us at Crazy Crayons &

The National Crayon Recycling Program